Intrusion Alarm

Wireless & Hardwired Alarms

Alarm systems and sensors within the system that allow the home/business to me monitored at all windows, doors and other access points.

These components can be connected and wired directly into the control panel (brains of the system) or they can communicate wirelessly for applications when getting a wire to a sensor is not easily possible.

Most wireless sensors are good for ranges exceeding 1 mile!

Motion Detection

Motions detectors pick up on movement within an area when the security system is armed to do so. There are many different types of motion detectors which are designed to work in your application.

Glassbreak Detection

Glass break detectors are designed for large plate glass windows that do not use conventional open/close window sensors. Designed to set the alarm off if someone breaks or attempts to gain access through a large window casement.

Cellular Communicators

Cellular communicators allow your security/fire alarm system to communicate to emergency response via a cellular uplink rather than the conventional landline communication method.

Alarm Monitoring

24/7/365 monitoring of your security system for intrusion, updates, service issues and surveillance.

Perimeter Sensors

Perimeter Sensors allow for the monitoring of movement within a designated area or location. Can be used for burglar alarms, lighting and smart home/business applications.